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[NOTICE] New Server Risk Your Life II Avenger - Resurrection! ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-10-22]

Dear Player,
We currently developing new client which is ROW Client. It has more improvement compare to our current client as below;
1) Mount
2) Equipment can be downgrade at blacksmith
3) New Item slot (6 type of Advance Item)
4) New item slot (3 type of emblem)
5) Lucky Rune (Fehu, Othila & Jera)
6) 14 Gem System
7) S grade (Highest grade after AAA)
8) Armor & Helm Glowing
and many more new features.

We have try to use our current database but it still give error therefore we have to use fresh database which working fine with this new client..

We've decided to make a full wipe and move to new season (Risk Your Life II Avenger - Resurrection) when BETA phase of this new client is over.

RYL2 Avenger with current database will be offline tonight around 1am to 3am and will be wipe later.

New BETA server will online soon and announcement will be made once it ready to be downloaded.

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused. All items in current database can be change to Personal Emblem once New Server live terms & conditions apply. We will announce how you could claim this item later.

We would like to thank you to all of our player for your support & donation during this 6 years of our service.

See you in Risk Your Life II Avenger - Resurrection!

Kepada pemain,
Kami sedang membeangunkan client baru yang mana menggunakan client ROW. Client baru ini mempunyai banyak kelebihan seperti dibawah;
1) Tunggangan
2) item boleh downgrade di blacksmith
3) Slot item baru (6 type of Advance Item)
4) Slot item baru (3 type of emblem)
5) Lucky Rune (Fehu, Othila & Jera)
6) 14 sistem Gem
7) S grade (Gred tertinggi lepas AAA)
8) Armor & Helm bercahaya
dan banyak lagi benda baru.

Kami telah cuba menggunakan database yg sedia ada tetapi mempunyai error jadi kami terpaksa menggunakan fresh database yang mana berfungsi sepenuhnya dengan client baru ini.

Kami membuat keputusan untuk membuat full wipe dan menuju ke musim baru (Risk Your Life II Avenger - Resurrection) apabila tahap BETA telah selesai.

RYL2 Avenger yang menggunakan database sekarang akan ditutup antara 11:30mlm hingga 3pagi dan akan direset kemudian.

BETA server yang baru akan bermula tidak lama lagi dan pengumuman akan dibuat apabila ia sudah boleh didownload.

Kami memohon maaf atas selaga kesulitan yang timbul. Semua item didalam database sekarang boleh ditukar kepada personal emblem kemudian apabila server baru siap tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat.

Kami ingin berterima kasih kepada semua pemain kami untuk galakan dan sumbangan anda sepanjang servis kami selama 6 tahun ini.

Jumpa anda di Risk Your Life II Avenger - Resurrection!


[MAINTENANCE] Schedule Weekly Maintenance 16th September 2014 ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-09-16]

Dear Player,
Above matter referred, kindly be informed that Game Server will temporary unavailable from 8:18pm to 9:00pm GMT +8. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Avenger Team


[MAINTENANCE] Weekly Maintenance & FGE Reset 1/9/2014 ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-09-01]

Dear Player,
Server will temporary unavailable from 7:30am to 9:30am (approx. around 2 hours) due to maintenance. This maintenance will include FGE reset and FGE rewards will be insert once server back to operation. Sorry for any inconvenienced caused.


[EVENTS] Compensate Star Reward Event ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-06-23]

Sorry i'm unable to show up for last night weekend star event. However i would like to hold compensate star reward tonight as replacement. You still get below reward as usual;
1Star 6 Skill Scroll
2Star 2b Gold Ticket
3Star 100 Cupid
4Star 60 Avenger Coin
5Star 75 Avenger Coin + 1 RS

Meet me ingame 11pm to 12am tonight. We might add stall event too if we have enough time.



[EVENTS] New Weekend Schedule ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-06-09]

Daily Event will no longer available starting today and will be replace with Weekend Event.

Weekend Event Schedule as below;
Friday (11pm to 12am)
Battle Lohan Fame Event +70 per kill (solo)

Saturday (11pm to 12am)
Boss Drop Event base on RS Quest & Random Avenger Coin in Stall

Sunday (11pm to 12am)
Star Reward
1 Star = 6 scroll
2 Star = 2b gold ticket
3 Star = 100 cupid potion
4 Star = 60 Avenger Coin
5 Star = 75 Avenger Coin + 1 Reduced Stone

Random Daily Event will be held once per week if Avenger Team had enough time.

Avenger Team


[EVENTS] [Compensate Daily Event]Double Star Reward ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-06-08]

Dear Player,
Compensation for Daily Event Star Reward last week
1 Star = 12 Skill Scroll
2 Star = 2b Gold Ticket x2
3 Star = 200 Cupid
4 Star = 120 Avenger Coin
5 Star = 150 Avenger Coin + 2 RS
11pm to 12am. Be There!


[EVENTS] Compensation Fame Event due to recent downtime ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-06-05]

Dear Player,
We will held fame event +70 per kill at Map Dark Caernavon as below;
1) Thursday 5/6/2014 9:15pm to 11:15pm
2) Friday 6/6/2014 9:00pm to 11:00pm
3) Saturday 7/6/2014 9:00pm to 11:00pm
4) Sunday 8/6/2014 9:00pm to 11:00pm

Sorry for the delay.


[NOTICE] Server Temporary Unavailable (3rd June 2014) ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-06-03]

Dear Player,
Server currently unavailable, we've contact our server provider and awaiting their reply to know the root cause. Please be patience as we currently working on this matter. We sorry for any inconvenience may caused.


[NOTICE] Daily Event Cancelled (1st June 2014) ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-06-01]

Dear Player,
We can't held any daily event today due to things that cant be avoided. Might change it to new date later or add compensation event as replacement later. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Avenger Team


[EVENTS] Server Downtime Compensation ( by: Admin-Rizal) [2014-05-31]

Dear Player,
Server back to operation after unresponsive around 5 hours. We're held compensation Fame & Medal event as below;

Map : Dark Caernavon (Map 3)
Fame : +70 (Solo)
Medal +20 (Solo)
Period : 3pm to 11pm 31st May 2014

Monthly Fame Gain Event (FGE) May 2014 will be ended tonight at 11:05pm.

Check out FGE standing May 2014 here www.ryl2avenger.com/site/fge.ryl

Thank You.

Avenger Team


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